Because of their versatile format, our scented cards can be used everywhere. You can even carry them in your bags or suitcases. You can also hang them on the rear-view mirrors of your cars, on the doorknobs of your homes and you can even leave them inside drawers or cupboards.

They do no generate any waste, so they do not stain any surface.

Long lasting

Because of the high quality of their raw materials, these scented cards ensure a constant and intense diffusion of the fragrance. At the same time, our long-lasting formula increases its duration.

Multiple ways to use them

Because of their versatile format and the quality of their components, there are plenty ways to use them. You can carry them in your suitcase and bags, you can leave them inside drawers and cupboards, etc.

Safe to use

They are made of high-quality components. Therefore, you will be able to use them safely, since they will not stain any surface, regardless of the material.

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