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Quality Politics

THE OLPHACTORY CORP, S.L., a leading international company in the sector of air freshening and decoration products, approaches the Quality System as a way to organise its business life, basing it both on its orientation towards its customers and towards its goods and services, and based on the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Management, the Service Provision and the Satisfaction of all the interested parties.

Therefore, the Directive states that the Management System is based on objectives and is in itself a strategic and priority Objective for the company, based on the following:

  • Quality is a main aspect in the desire to maintain a competitive position within the sector of decoration and decoration products; and this is achieved by planning, executing, revising and improving the Management System, to prevent possible errors, and orienting our activity towards the satisfaction of all our interested parties through personalisation and direct treatment.
    It is the responsibility of the entire organisation to meet the needs and requirements set by customers, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements related to the service.
  • The success of our organisation requires the participation and collaboration of everyone, which is why motivation, training and communication in the company are considered essential.
  • The evaluation of the risks associated with our activity is a central task of our quality management system and it is the objective of the organisation to carry out a correct assessment of these risks, drawing up action plans to combat them, all of which contributes to our commitment and support with the strategic direction.
  • All relevant information will be provided to all stakeholders. We will also promote awareness among our employees, as well as communication with all stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of our policy and our obligations to quality.
  • Quality is driving us to pay the utmost attention to the technological evolution of the sector.
  • The aim of this policy is to consolidate this reality by continuously improving the results of our work, our service and our attention to the requirements of our interested parties.
    The Quality Policy is communicated to all people working for or on behalf of the organisation and is available to the public and our stakeholders.

01 December 2016