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The Olphactory is the embodiment of a relaxed lifestyle. Its simple and beautiful design reminds us how important disconnection and comfort are. A collection of fragrances ready to create a well-being environment that allows us to enjoy even more our home privacy. This collection is ready to follow a relaxed philosophy, created for mind-wandering thoughts and pause moments. These candles, perfumes and diffusers will help you enhance your positive side, and at the same time they will give the atmosphere a nice and serenity touch. While you are enjoying a cup of coffee, feel how your home is being lifted by The Olphactory and your thoughts are renewed. Combine the products in different ways and look for the perfect balance for every moment.

Collection Olphactory

Fragrance diffuser

Reed diffusers will give a subtle and continuous scent for weeks with no flames in the mix, so they are secure and practical. They perfume the rooms for weeks without worrying, so we can fully enjoy our moments for pause: eight fragrances without alcohol and with long-lasting formulas are diffused through natural rattan reeds.

Scented candle

Enjoy the benefits of taking a break; find some time for yourself… These inspiring candles made with vegetable wax will fill your home with the scents of its essential oils, all created to appreciate the cosy moment you are living, relax and enjoy it with our handmade candles. Let the perfumes of The Olphactory make your stays more special.

Home perfume

Enjoy your favorite home perfume whenever you want and immediately! Always available to be used when you feel your home needs a boost of energy or when you want to create a unique combination by mixing different aromas, making your space unique. This spray will create a fragrance cloud that will remain longer in the atmosphere. The hardest thing is to choose one perfume!


When the best-selling aromas become the favourites of our homes, we can enjoy them again and also save money. Using a basic bottle and a secure cap, refills for reed diffusers offer us the essential key: the experience. They are undoubtedly the best way to repeat fragrance and see the bottle of our diffusers “always full”.