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Mise-en-Scène is a French term that refers to the global design of a scenic or cinematographic production. We chose this expression to name our collection because each of our fragrances forms a mise-en-scène in our home: the olfactory notes turn every room into a scene where a memory, an anecdote or a fictional event is represented.

Collection Mise-En-Scène

Fragrance diffuser

These unique olfactory experiences will add a touch of elegance to your home. It contains 200 ml. of fragrance (our long-lasting and alcohol-free formula). You can turn the reeds upside down every week or whenever you feel your home needs a boost of energy. As a result, you will always be able to create any scene you want right there in your own home!

Scented candle

Multi-sensory experience offered by design, material, fragrance and flame. The most luxurious blend of vegetable waxes (soy, coconut, sustainable palm…) with the unique perfumes created for this cinematographic collection. Made in Spain to the highest standards.