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When Julie receives a visit, she gathers flowers from her garden creating an improvised bouquet that she gives away wrapped in kraft paper, as florists in the streets of France. The aromas of her flowers are the perfect present to make a memory of that visit to her French garden that will stay with us forever. Each “bouquet diffuseur” of this collection is inspired by a bouquet of flowers: the bottle is the vase and the reeds are in charge of spreading the aroma through the room. The vegetable wax candles are kept in beautiful glass pots, a “pot parfumé” that Julie gives to the visitors of her garden.

Collection Le Jardín de Julie

Fragrance diffuser

The “bouquets diffuseurs” of Le jardin de Julie are perfumed reed diffusers whose formulas do not contain alcohol, and they provide a long duration aroma. This large size lasts more than 6 months.

Scented candle

Le jardin de Julie’s candles are made with a very high-quality vegetable waxes, designed for an optimal burned out. They expand their fragrances even when they are not lit.