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Diving inside Lacrosse’s universe is like traveling for inspiration. The adventurous spirit blends into the creative soul to create each of its emblematic home fragrances, inspired by natural elements and capable of making your heart beats. An unknown collection that distills authenticity and whose aromatic notes emerge the experiences lived in the quest of each essence, its origins and its influences.

Collection Lacrosse


Fragrance diffuser

If elegance gave off a scent that would be any of Lacrosse’s fragrances: these reed diffusers represent the perfect balance between modernity and classicism. The collection puts together fragrances where different aromatic melodies fill in the spaces in a powerful and captivating way.

VELA aromática

Scented candle

The crystal glass, the vegetable wax, the wooden cap and the wick: these are the pieces that make the continent and the olfactory content of Lacrosse’s aromatic candles, to which the essential perfume joins, the main character in this exceptional set.

Home perfume

Elegance has angular shapes. The interesting geometric effect gives a special luminosity to these Lacrosse room sprays. The light and volatile mist will spread around the room and arouse interest. Each aroma will immediately express its beauty and perfume the room for a long time.


Lamp fragrance

Our home fragrances have been exquisitely elaborated and thought to embellish your home. Inspired by natural elements, it invites us to travel and meditate. Lacrosse’s perfumes for catalytic lamps have intense a long lasting aromas that will let you enjoy a clean and scented atmosphere thanks to its highest quality.


When the best-selling aromas become the favourites of our homes, we can enjoy them again and also save money. Using a basic bottle and a secure cap, refills for reed diffusers offer us the essential key: the experience. They are undoubtedly the best way to repeat fragrance and see the bottle of our diffusers “always full”.