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Lab Co. Collection will embrace the delicate balance of your home. It reflects a harmonious lifestyle where materials, colours, furniture and decorations are carefully chosen. Less is more, and every single item in our home has its own value and serves a certain purpose. By embracing this equilibrium, Lab Co. will build your own personal refuge, creating a pleasant environment where you will feel comfortable, inspired and confident enough to be your real self.

Collection Lab Co.

Fragrance diffuser

In a busy everyday life, people still appreciate having the time to just stay at home and enjoy that relaxing moment. How great is it to arrive home, take a deep breath and feel like it is your “safe place”? Fragranced reed diffusers work for several weeks so that you can enjoy 24 hours of exquisite perfume. This way, you can make time for the important things.

Scented candle

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Work, social life and keeping up to date with several things require a huge effort. Lab Co. candles will help you clear your mind whenever you need it. They are a wonderful way to make you feel comfortable and will offer you a well-deserved moment to disconnect and prove that it does not take much to create a delightful and welcoming atmosphere.

Home perfume

It takes just a simple gesture to guarantee a soft and nice aroma. With the room perfumes of Lab Co. you can quickly transform the room and change the film roll of your daily memories. Life is made of moments that you will always remember… Let’s make them beautiful!