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Our Enchanted Forest is a place where happy endings come true, you can breathe the magic everywhere and all the characters of the well-known fairy tales live happily together.

Ambientair Collections has created this capsule collection inspired in this magic forest, an inexhaustible source of myths and legends whose landscape has scents of wood and flowers. Here, giants, dwarves and more than a hundred mythological beings keep the most hidden secrets.

Collection Enchanted Forest


Fragrance Diffuser

These unique fragranced experiences will add the magic touch to any of your stays. The diffuser contains 100 ml. of essence. You can rotate the reeds every week or whenever you feel like your home needs a boost of energy.


Scented Candle

Premium materials, unforgettable fragrances and cozy flames. These 200 g. scented candles are made from our special blend of vegetable waxes (soy, coconut, palm from sustainably grown origin…) and exquisite perfumes created especially for this collection.