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Most ancient cultures believe that we are all connected with animals. Our personality and the way we react to everything happening around us reveals which is our inner spirit animal. Based on this game, we have created 7 savage fragrances, full of personality which will make you connect with nature.

Collection Animikados Wild

Fragrance diffuser

Turn your house into a jungle with these intense and long-lasting fragrances. These made-in-Spain- diffusers only use high quality formulas which do not contain alcohol.

The wood we use is certified and comes from sustainable forests and our sticks are made of vegetable rattan.

Scented candle

Our candles are hand-made in Spain with vegetable wax and have a high concentration of essential oils. They are consumed slowly reserving the aroma until the end. With their light, they manage to create a natural and purifying atmosphere for more than 40 hours. The best company for any occasion.