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Animikados are a perfect gift to tell how special someone is and to help us put feelings into words when it is hard to express ourselves. Their fragrances help us improve our mood by promoting various life values such as freedom, joy, optimism, a good sense of humor, relaxation or enthusiasm. Just like emotions, some fragrances reach the spirit when others directly go to the heart.

Animikados’s collection is not only made by products that smell great but by moods where everyone can identify itself or others. Who never met in its life a “Lover of Life” or a “True Friend”?

Collection Animikados

Fragrance diffuser

The reed diffusers use natural rattan sticks to continuously spread their pleasant fragrances.

We offer high-quality and very intense perfumes. Our formulas do not contain alcohol and are long-lasting. How to use the reed diffusers is very simple, making them a great perfect gift

Scented candle

The quality of the natural candles and the subtle fragrances of Animikados make a perfect match for your senses and emotions. Excellent as a gift, our candles will make you enjoy even more your spaces, thanks to their light and perfumes. They purify the environment and help you to relax and revitalize your home.