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About us

Since 1997, our history has been marked by features like dynamism, flexibility and constant adaptation to the market. We have been able to fit our customers’ requirements and styles without losing our own essence. We have always been faithful to our quality standards and we know how to identify the consumer needs.

We also began an evolution in our development, paying special attention to the international market, which currently represents more than 50% of our turnover.

Our beginnings

After a long path in the home fragrance distribution, in 2010 we decided to start manufacturing our own products. We were born with the goal of becoming a leading company in the home fragrance sector: selling, manufacturing and distributing the best home, garden and car fragrance products in our country.


We started with the production of reed diffusers and continued with scented candles. Our main goal has always been to perfume all your homes.  

Nowadays, we produce more than 15 brands, reaching a total of more than 1000 products.

Company values

Our brand stands out not only in Spain but also in the international market: we work as suppliers in lots of countries, achieving a great export volume. This has been possible due to strategic alliances and the creation of subsidiaries and production facilities. Our offices are in Segovia (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Mexico and the USA.


Our main products are reed diffusers and candles. All of them are tested and subjected to a rigorous quality assessment until we make sure they contain the essence of Ambientair. Thanks to our great human team, raw materials turn into excellent products that travel around the world to get to your shops and homes.

Our brand stands out not only in Spain but also in the international market: we work as suppliers in lots of countries, achieving a great export volume. We distribute our products in retail chain stores and supermarkets, but also in big and exclusive department stores and boutiques.

Export data

Around 50% of our turnover comes from our export operations. Our forecast for 2021 is to increase this figure and reach 60%.

We currently have international presence in countries such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Denmark, Emirates, Slovenia, United States, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Rep., China, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Quality certifications

ISO9001, Brand with High International Potential, accredited by the Leading Brands of Spain.

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Factory and Central office

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Valverde del Majano – Segovia – España